Are you looking for a Worldclass Assets Security to safeguard your valuable Assets?
Do you need a secure place to store your documents, gold bullion or digital files?
Ipost Courier Express is a purpose-built safe deposit box facility and company established in 1984 in Manchester, United Kingdom Img
Please note, due to the nature of The Safe Deposit Centre individuals are required to remove hats, glasses, scarves and motorcycle helmets in order to be photographed.

The Safe Deposit Centre requires photo identification for all members; individuals who wear a Niqab needs to make themselves known to centre management. In order to verify your Identity during the application process, you will be asked to remove your Niqab for a short amount of time (in a private room with a trained female member of staff whilst we verify a passport sized photo of yourself). After this verification process, you will not be asked to remove your Niqab again.